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Supertron is a Microsoft experienced partner in the UAE, offering a broad range of cloud products, solutions, and support services to large businesses. We specialize in Office 365, Teams, Azure cloud solutions, Azure backup solutions, and Managed IT solutions that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Microsoft 365, often known as Office 365, is a comprehensive package of business applications. Supertron offers commercial, enterprise, and school plans for Office 365.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions

We give our clients the option of migrating entire data centers or specific workloads to the Azure cloud as a Microsoft partner. Supertron, as a Microsoft Azure cloud enabled partner, is entrusted with developing innovative AI and data-driven app experiences in a rich Microsoft environment at a reasonable cost, allowing company owners to focus on other vital work load tasks.

Microsoft Multi Cloud

The Microsoft Multi Cloud Supertron engineering team is responsible for delivering cloud migration journeys for on-premise data centers or single workloads, as well as designing and migrating apps, as well as optimizing and changing business cloud architecture. Supertron has a track record of unlocking genuine cloud solutions while balancing cost, innovation, self-sufficiency, and risk.

Collaboration between Supertron and Microsoft Azure Performance Cloud

With Azure Performance Cloud, Supertron is increasing the speed and security of websites and online platforms. Microsoft Azure business cloud cooperation with Supertron Supertron provides enterprise cloud with Microsoft Azure, allowing IT departments to effortlessly manage multi-cloud governance with an open approach that prioritizes flexibility and optionality. As a result, end users will have self-service choices for on-premise and public cloud environments, which will automate the deployment and maintenance of applications across different environments while retaining governance and control.

Collaboration between Supertron and Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud

Supertron, in conjunction with Microsoft Azure, offers a hybrid cloud solution that combines private and public cloud resources. Supertron offers a proven integration team that can integrate any and all computing services to meet the demands of the enterprise business model. Supertron, as a Microsoft Azure Partner, offers fully managed IT infrastructure around the clock. Supertron provides enterprise-ready cloud services that are dependable, versatile, and scalable, as well as customizing through our 24×7 Fully Managed Backup solutions. Supertron is studying Microsoft’s high availability backup solutions to provide fully managed 24×7 IT infrastructure monitoring and data backup solutions.

Legacy modernization with Zoho Creator improves business suite agility.

Zoho enables customizable applications to suit to specific business models and update outdated systems. Supertron delivers additional agility and cost effectiveness to the Middle East market with the help of Zoho. Organizations are receiving cost-effective solutions that are tailored to their specific business models. We, Supertron, with the help of Zoho, can create any model that a customer requires, implement it, and sell it.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a company-wide endeavor, and your staff have a lot of consumer information. Use this expertise to develop applications that offer superior consumer experiences. Your consumers are no longer tethered to their desktops; they’re out and about conducting business. To serve modern users, create multichannel customer experiences. For a more effective information flow, connect all of your apps across the supply chain. With AI, you can better predict client behavior and plan production.

Digital Workspace

Improve process control, productivity, employee engagement, operational cost, and customer experience by modernizing your workplace. Supertron uses Zoho Creator, a robust and adaptable digital workplace platform that adapts to your business needs. It’s simple to use and comes with a variety of templates and plug-ins to let your team quickly construct process-specific applications. It aids in the transformation of a workplace into a contemporary, linked environment that is aware of its occupants.

BPM Software

Designing, executing, monitoring, and improving business processes is made easier using BPM software. As a business owner, you’ll need the correct tools to handle your daily procedures, which may vary in extent depending on the kind of organization, departmental structure, and the specific business necessity at hand. As a business owner, you understand how difficult it may be to invest your profits without going bankrupt. To organize your daily tasks, you’ll need the correct tools, and Zoho Creator can help. Examine it for inventory, order, vendor, and distributor management.

Work Flow Automation

Workflow automation is the process of automating a set of operations to complete a task with minimum human interaction. Simply said, it’s the process of automating repetitive operations to make your job easier. Supertron is using Zoho Creator, a workflow automation tool that uses a simple drag-and-drop interface to allow users to create complicated workflows. Integrations, multiplatform support, access restrictions, and guided scripting are just a few of the features that make designing and automating workflows for any business easier. You can get more done in less time and create scalable workflow solutions using Zoho Creator’s workflow automation capabilities.




Rapid Application Development (RAD)

RAD is a software development approach in which different application modules are built in parallel and combined into a final result. Zoho platforms are the most recent trend in Rapid Application Development (RAD) technique, and they are used to quickly construct and develop online and mobile apps. It’s a relatively new technique to app development that’s distinguished by simple, intuitive user interfaces.


Cloud Based on Line Database

On our cloud-based platform, you may create and manage databases. No programming skills are necessary to access your data from anywhere, on any device. It’s cutting-edge software that uses straightforward drag-and-drop capabilities to help you create, move, and manage databases. It may be used to create anything from a basic custom database to a whole analytics system. Entrepreneurs, small enterprises, educational institutions, and even non-profits use the platform extensively to conduct their daily operations. Decision making, service requests, incident management, and investigations are all examples of case management processes. Businesses are continually seeking for creative and process-oriented case management software that will help them achieve their objectives in a fast-changing environment. This necessitates the development of apps that are simple to modify and adapt to new data. Supertron employs a Zoho creator, a low-code platform for the creation and deployment of case management apps that optimize business operations. Because of its uncompromising security capabilities, it’s a strong and versatile platform that allows customers to bring process-specific applications to market faster, at a lower cost, and with less risk.

Supertron with Dropbox provide real-time communication and synchronization regardless of device location, resulting in increased productivity. Simply utilize Dropbox storage.

Dropbox’s greatest asset is its simplicity. Dropping a file into Dropbox is all it takes to save it. The files you save in Dropbox will be accessible across all devices connected to a single Dropbox account. Dropbox is also accessible for mobile devices, allowing users to backup their photographs and files. It also allows users to create multiple directories in order to better organize their stuff.

Dropbox is clearly meant for enterprises, as it helps them save money on IT. Dropbox is without a doubt the greatest cloud backup solution for backing up data online. Dropbox features a user-friendly interface that appeals to small enterprises in particular. Furthermore, it provides a great deal of versatility, and if you destroy an essential document by accident, you have thirty days to restore it. Dropbox is ideal for your business if you want to cut expenses, increase productivity, and protect your data. Here at the Translation Journal, we utilize it to store articles, graphics, images, and other key documents that we need to access for the website.

The world’s most trusted and widely used electronic signature to sign documents digitally. 

DocuSign eSignature is not just a standalone electronic signature solution and comes with an 

array of applications and integrations that helps you do business faster. DocuSign is widely 

accepted globally, and the brand is synonymous with the word e-Signature. As businesses look 

to digitally transform their organization, we provide digital transformation solutions like 

DocuSign eSignature that helps to sign electronically, reducing the use of paper and enabling 

workforces to speed up their agreement processes and do more business.  


Features of DocuSign 

DocuSign eSignature has an extensive list of features that make electronically signing 

documents easy in various scenarios. The features can broadly be classified under the following 

categories :  


Document Creation  

DocuSign eSignature allows for a great amount of flexibility when it comes to document 

creation. It supports most of the popular document file types such as 

.pdf,.txt,.doc,.docx,.xls,.xlsx. The platform can recognize & convert form fields in a PDF to signerfields. A feature in the platform called DocuSign Print Driver can send a document to DocuSign 

from over fifty thousand applications. Users can make free-form markups and can be then put 

by the signer on these images. 


Tags  DocuSign eSignature has a large set of standard tags like initials, names, organization 

names, signatures, and more. These standard tags can be modified to create and save custom 

tags. There is also a provision to place tags automatically into a document.  


Powerforms, Supplemental Documents & Comments – Powerforms are self-service documents 

for signing that can be created on-demand without the requirement of coding. Often a 

document that needs to be signed would need additional documents to be present (legal 

disclosures, terms & conditions). DocuSign eSignature can streamline such supplemental 

documents into the workflow for a smooth signing experience. The Comments feature in 

DocuSign eSignature enables the sender & recipient to converse & discuss the document that 

needs to be signed. The comments made on the signing document will be notified to all parties 

in real-time. Conversation history is also maintained for future reference in every DocuSign 

eSignature transaction.   




Integration with Cloud Storage – DocuSign eSignature can be integrated with all popular 

solutions of cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Office 365, Box, and more. 


Data Fields  

DocuSign can automate business logic through the integration of other applications. Data fields 

help to pre-populate forms saving time & reducing errors in the process of collecting data.  


Design Forms – Create comprehensive forms that consist of radio buttons, checkboxes, 

dropdown tags, and text, numeric fields, and more. 


Third-Party Integration – Link third-party systems and services to your fields of data to 

automatically fill them & avoid manual entry of fields.  


Data Validation – Validate fields such as text, phone number, date, emails, ZIP codes, and 

regular expression masking to reduce the number of errors in the document.  


Field Formatting & Logic – Docusign offers document logic that automates filling fields within 

forms. Conditional fields show or hide fields based on user responses in other fields. Locked 

Fields ensure certain fields are locked and cannot be edited. Linked Fields links identical fields 


Field & Document Markup – Certain fields can be edited by signers that are a part of the signing 

workflow. Before a change is accepted, the initials of all users in the workflow are requested.  

Sophos XDR integrates email with Microsoft 365 to safeguard users more quickly. Sophos provides threat intelligence and state-of-the-art machine learning technologies that do behavioral and reputational analysis before malware and malicious URLs arrive in the inbox, preventing the entrance of malware and dangerous URLs.

The Sophos email API connection is always monitored. Mailboxes in Microsoft 365 When the threat status changes, the phishing email contains additional infected URLs, which are instantly deleted. View all deleted communications in the post-delivery quarantine summary.

Sophos security in Microsoft Azure


  1. Workload protection in Microsoft Azure
  2. Dedicated network security platform with WAF
  3. Monitoring provides 24×7 threat prevention.
  4. Sophos Intercept X – Ransomware and sophisticated threat prevention for Azure Virtual Machines
  5. Serverless Infrastructure and asset protection against harmful material from Sophos Labs Intelix.
  6. Cloud rim Protection of the Azure environment against network threats using Sophos firewall.
  7. Sophos MTR provides continuous threat prevention through monitoring.

Supertron with Acronis offer all-in-one cloud backup, disaster recovery, and cyber security solutions.

Why do customers prefer Acronis Backup?

Backup is insufficient for sensitive corporate data; in today’s business environment, clients want a comprehensive and integrated strategy to cyber protection. Supertron and Acronis have teamed together to provide an Advanced Cloud Backup Pack that includes Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. Supertron, with the help of Acronis, offers continuous data protection with little RPO and downtime. So, if calamity hits, we can instantaneously spin up the system on the cloud and restore it. One easy platform allows you to create a full cyber security solution.


  1. Backup of files, images, and programs with Acronis Cyber Protection and Advanced Disaster Recovery.
  2. In local recovery with fast restoration, Acronis Cyber Protection and Advanced Disaster Recovery
  3. Test failover with Acronis Cyber Protection and Advanced Disaster Recovery


  1. Only VPN connection with Acronis Cyber Protection and Advanced Disaster Recovery in the cloud
  2. Ensure a simple and automatic failover of the client’s production environment to Acronis cloud hot storage.
  3. Enabling secure VPN connections between the client’s site and the cloud site by facilitating partial failover of closely dependent servers on the client’s local site. The servers begin talking whenever one of them is placed in the cloud.
  4. Acronis provides disaster recovery orchestration monitoring with a full real-time view of runbook execution and execution history.
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